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Artistas del Quintessence Dome

Anja Calas

Quintessence Dome Lab Residence 2020

Anja Calas (a.k.a. Ana Caldas, 1982 PT) is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the intersectionality between humans and nonhumans, the limits of desire, tension and evolution.

From an educational background of ballet, contemporary dance, theatre, film, street performance, music composition, and digital arts, her creations summarises a plural manifestation of her artistic life, enabling her to work with predominant directors such as Tino Seghal, Roberto Merino, Pedro Rodrigues, Edgar Pêra, among others; as well as developing her own artwork.

Currently in Barcelona, Anja has started a performance group called Suntrum that explores post-apocalyptic and dystopian subjectivities; and also a duo called Corpo Liquido embodying the invisible through the extension of the body: touring “The X Never Marks the Spot”.

At the moment Anja is exploring a Plant vs Nature revolving immersive interaction, aimed to reflect our new awareness on the importance of its integration on collective living and on the creation of new kins (Haraway)

Martin Romeo

Quintessence Dome Lab Residence 2020

Martin Romeo is an Italian-Argentinian visual artist and interaction designer; his research is focused on data representation in forms and interactions that range from multimedia installations to performing arts.

He exposed his works in important international contexts. He teaches new paths of creative communication related to experimental technology in different Universities. He is Director of the Master in Visuals Arts for the 

Digital Age at IED University in Milan and Director of the Bachelor in Media Design at IED University in Venice. He is also Lecturer at NABA University in Milan and Professor at Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, as well as a member of the Leonardo Group of Science Gallery Venice.

He has represented the Veneto Region at Italian Pavilion for Expo 2017 in Astana (Kazakhstan) and he has curated the multimedial project at the Venice Pavilion for La Biennale di Venezia 2018.

Moon Ribas

Quintessence Dome Lab Residence 2020

(Mataró, 1985) Moon Ribas is a cyborg artist best known for developing the Seismic Sense, an online seismic sensor implanted in her feet that allows her to perceive earthquakes taking place anywhere in the planet through vibrations in real time. In order to share her experience, she then translates her seismic sense on stage. Ribas transposes the earthquakes into either sound, in her piece Seismic Percussion; or dance, in Waiting For Earthquakes. In these performances the Earth is the composer and the choreographer; and Ribas, the interpreter.  In 2010 she co-founded the Cyborg Foundation, an international organisation that aims to help people become cyborgs, defend cyborg rights and promote cyborg art.

Mohsen Hazrati

Quintessence Dome Lab Residence 2020

Mohsen Hazrati was born in 1987 in Shiraz, Iran. I graduated with a BA in graphic design from Shiraz Art Institute of Higher Education in 2012, minoring in new media and digital art, where he was also acted as a teachers’ assistant. His works focus on digital culture, new-aesthetic and the integration of these two issues into the Shirazi culture and its mystical literature, and have been exhibited in Transfer and Babycastles Gallery – New York, Matchbox Gallery – Texas, V-Gallery Tehran, etc. . Since 2013, in collaboration with Milad Forouzande, he has been the co-founder and curator of “Dar-AlHokoomeh Project”; a new media art project and activity based in Shiraz, Iran. And has been the co-curator of “Dar Al Wrong”, The first Iranian pavilion and embassy of the wrong biennale inside Iran, Patch Room, new media art section of Teer art, the first Iranian Art fair and etc. In 2016, Mohsen began lecturing as an assistant professor in his alma mater, teaching Digital Aesthetics and VFX courses. In 2017, Mohsen was invited as one of the guest speakers on the “Mollasadra St” episode of TEDx video series. One of his current research topics is FALProject, which is about an old Iranian bibliomancy tradition with Hafiz poems and its combination with digital technology and artificial intelligence. This project has been selected for a presentation in IAM WEEKEND 19 Barcelona and the first version of this project, which is an AR bibliomancy book has been exhibited in OMO artspace berlin and Limited Access Festival Tehran.

Anna Carreras

Quintessence Dome Lab Residence 2020

Anna Carreras (Barcelona, 1979) is a creative coder and digital artist interested in experimentation on interactive communication focusing her work on the use of generative algorithms, creative code and interactive technology as a means of communication and an experience generator.

She is interested on complexity that emerges from small simple behaviors, from the balance between order and chaos. She tries to capture the diversity and richness of complexity working with generative algorithms and visuals.

She develops interactive installations to explore new emerging narratives encouraging the audience to participate and promoting their collaboration. Interaction adds the human diverse behavior to the experience fostering richer outcomes.

She holds two MSc degrees, one in Engineering from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and another in Audiovisual Technologies from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).

She teaches creative coding in several Design Schools in Barcelona.

She has developed and exhibited digital installations for Cosmocaixa (Barcelona Science Museum), Expo Zaragoza, Forum Barcelona 2004, Sónar Innovation Challenge 2016, MIRA Visual Arts Festival, Mobile Art Week, Abandon Normal Devices, Medialab Prado, etc. She has some international awards as a Cannes Golden Lion for Interactive Projects in 2010 or a Google DevArt (art made with code) Award in 2014.

Felix Schoeller

Quintessence Dome Lab Residence 2020

Felix Schoeller is a creative technologist who operates at the frontiers of storytelling, engineering, and cognitive neuroscience. Initially trained as a filmmaker, he graduated from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and worked in the film industry for leading production companies such as Partizan Midi-Minuit. Currently a research affiliate at MIT Media Lab (Fluid Interfaces Group), his work concerns the role of bodily signals in the emergence of conscious feelings and their augmentation through wearable technologies. Felix holds a Ph.​D. in cognitive science from the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) and was the first Research Fellow at the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity in Paris, France.

Raisa Pimentel

Quintessence Dome Lab Residence 2020

Mexican audiovisual designer and artist. In 2015 she was a Scholar at the International Music and New Technologies Festival  Visiones Sonoras organized by CMMAS, Morelia, Mexico. In 2016 she participated in the 2nd Experimental Video Residence, VÓRTICE, Valparaíso, Chile. In 2019 with her video dance Andar she was part of the official selection of Dulcísimo Ovario Festival de Cine y Video Feminino de Pachuca, México. In the recent edition of Mutek [ES] he participated collectively with the work Physis and has just finished the Master in Audiovisual Innovation and Interactive Environments at BAU, University Design Center in Barcelona, Spain.

Her work appeals to the emotional and sensory experience through experimentation with moving images, installation, technology and dance.

Eloy Roldan

Quintessence Dome Lab Residence 2020

I was born in Madrid but I have lived in Barcelona for years. I studied the degree in Cinematography at the School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia (ESCAC) and I specialised in digital effects. After two years working in the sector, now I make my way with my own studio doing projects for film, advertising and video clips.

At the same time, I develop my work as a digital artist: still images made in 3D software and conceived under surreal premises and methods.

I address topics such as the procedures of the unconscious, semiotic games or the mechanisms of desire; Now in search of new formats, new forms of expression and of exploring the limits of language.

Mirte de Vrieze

Quintessence Dome Lab Residence 2020

Mirte de Vrieze is a Dutch audiovisual artist, composer and writer. Coming from a musical

background she spent the last couple of years broadening and diversifying her Eield of work and skillset. In 2020 she has earned her master degree in Music Production, Technology and Innovation at the Berklee College of Music Valencia Campus, Spain, researching the function of immersive audio in storytelling.

With influences ranging from Imogen Heap and Stevie Wonder to Michael Ancel to Andrew Thomas Huang, her work revolves around merging disciplines and creating connections, turning the necessity for bridging the gaps in between those into the centrepiece of her creative endeavours.

Mirte is passionate about innovative and interactive multimedia technologies, which she uses to create immersive worlds. By telling stories in surrealistic environments she explores the realms of imaginary fantasy worlds, cyberpunk and bio inspired design. Thematically she focusses on social behaviour and the unwritten neurotypical rules. In doing so, Mirte aims to let her audience consciously sense their surroundings and connect with themselves and each other by applying Tony Robbin’s six human needs.

In the past few years Mirte has worked and collaborated on various projects, such as VR

applications, an interactive panorama, AV performances, EP and singles. Her latest work

include a VR children’s book and a 360 ̊ story ‘The Cave’.


Quintessence Dome Lab Residence 2020

V.P.M is a young audiovisual collective from Barcelona. We specialize in video productions, special effects, motion graphics, 3D animations and digital graphic design.

Today we use our knowledge to develop spectacular video mappings and interactive installations.

In its few years of life, the collective has been a finalist in several international video mapping competitions, FIMG (Girona) Festival Luz y Vanguardias (Salamanca), Art Vision (Moskow), Zsolnay (Hungry), 1 minute projection mapping (Japan), Videomapping festival (Lille), selected for the MIRA festival 2019 residency, among others.

And they have been awarded the first international prize at Odessa Mapping (Ukraine) and ACSEE festival (Datong) and Videomapping festival with the installation «My little rubbish world».