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Immersive and interactive HackLab of New Media Art

Humans, technology and the future: what do they have in common?

The call is open to participate in the Immensiva HackLab, in collaboration with Garage Stories and Be Another Lab, HackLab aimed to explore and work with emerging media to create experimental pieces that help us reflect on the complexity of human relationships and speculate on a future where technology helps us to be more human.
From 3th to 16th May, we will bring together 25 creative profiles to co-create in groups of 5 an experimental piece with technologies and other more analogical art forms (photo, video, music, live performance, etc) to form part of a collective exhibition “Into the Human Labyrinth” which will be open to the public in the days following the HackLab.

The themes on which the working groups will reflect are
– power and privilege
– love
– family
– self-esteem
– biases

The exhibition will take the form of a labyrinth, and there is also an open call, in collaboration with Distributed Design/ IAAC, for makers/designers who want to work with the Kuka Robot and other technologies to build the itinerary and structure of the exhibition space within which Hacklab participants will create the content.

It is possible to participate in both calls as well.

Who can apply?
Creative profiles from different backgrounds: coders, writers, designers, architects, psychologists, philosophers, musicians, gamers, performers, visual artists, etc. The call is open until 15th April and afterward, there will be a selection process of the best 25 profiles for the Hacklab, and 5 projects for the maker/ designer section.


Hacklab event, from 14th to 16th May:

What is expected Output:
An experimental piece in an exhibition format that combines more traditional artistic disciplines (photo, video, objects, drawings, etc) with emerging digital media as well as small 360º clips, augmented reality mockups, VR projects, and all kinds of experimental formats, work-in-progress, using other technologies such as sensors, scanners, etc.
(Espronceda provides participants with various technological equipment).

You must fill in the form with all the information on the following link:


The best piece could continue its residence in Espronceda to finish the project and will be exhibited in a large group exhibition organized in June 2021.


If you want to participate in the construction of the exhibition space and work with the Kuka Robot to carry out the designs from 3rd to 16th May, sign up here! We are looking for architecture and design students who want to be part of this experience.
We will put you in contact with a Fab Lab to create the pieces and the organization will assume the cost of the production.

Calendar makers:
April 20th – 30th: conceptualization and design
May 3rd – 7th: production with the use of Kuka Robots and other technologies
May 10th-16th: installation

You must fill in the form with all the information on the following link:


The winning project will be disseminated through Espronceda and Distributed Design.
The installation will be part of the great collective exhibition IMMENSIVA in June 2021.