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VR / AI Residency

Once a year, Espronceda gives the IMMENSIVA prize to selected artists who are invited for a 2-4 weeks residency in Barcelona to create art with cutting edge technologies, like VR, AI, AR and more.

The selection is done by an international jury. Artists apply through an open call or are proposed by the advisors / curators of Espronceda and Immensiva.

In the VR / AI artist residency, up to 12 artists will be working and collaborating together to create new art works in a collaborative environment.
The Immensiva and Espronceda team supports heavily the artists with all possibilities. We will also connect with the local and regional eco system and invite high-key speakers, advisors and curators during the residency to offer a outstanding & sustainable experience.

The created artworks (as well as potentially individual artworks) will be presented in a closing event and following exhibition, open to the public.

In February 2020, the first VR / AI artist residency took place.
And Espronceda is proud that the first edition was the world-wide biggest VR residency so far!


4  Tuesday: 18h >> 21h. Opening talks (by invitation only)

  • Dr. Camille Baker, UCA.
  • Mr. Santeri Suominen, Helsinki XR Centre.
  • Mr. Ulrich Schrauth. VHRAM Festival.
  • Mr. Fran Iglesias. La Fura dels Baus.

5  Wednesday: 10h >> 14h. Kickoff workshop. Fundació Epica. Visit during the appointed hour. CCCB Gameplay. exhibition

6 Thursday: Visit to Hangar where artists were presented the Be Another Lab and also projects like TOPLAP and HAMACA.

7 Friday: A day to visit and learn about 3D printing and other cutting edge technologies at Fab Lab IAAC

10  Monday: 18h. Talk of Maria Almena. Kimatic Studio

Artists also had a visit from Mr. Oriol Pastor, director of Mira Digital Festival, Llum Festival and IDEAL Digital Centre

11  Tuesday: 16h >> 19h. Workshop for projects on virtual reality. Nuromedia

13  Thursday: 16h >> 19h. Workshop AI. Integration in art projects.

14 viernes: 19h >> 23h Free visit during the festival hours. LLUM Festival.

18 Tuesday: hour to be defined. Visit to the exhibition “Poética AI. IDEAL”, Centro de Arte Digital

20 Thursday: 9h Webinar with Refik Añadol.

18h Prothotypes presentation to curators.

21 Friday: 15h >>  19h Closing Talks followed by exhibition at Espronceda (free entrance).

Kay Watson, from Serpentine Galleries

Louise Enjalbert, from IRCAM-Pompidou,

a panel discussion with Ulrich Schrauth, VHRAM Festival.

Immensiva VR / AI Residence 2020
Opening Talk of Immensiva VR/AI Residence 2020
Opening talk of Immensiva VR / AI Residence 2020 Content curation
Opening talk Immensiva VR /AI Residence 2020 La fura dels baus
Opening talk of IMMENSIVA VR/AI Residence 2020 VRHAM
Transcendence, talk by Maria Almena | IMMENSIVA

Download the VR/AI Residence PRESS RELEASE

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