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Open to the public, limited capacity



18h-19h30. Connection with MILAN with the project. Are You there LUA? Anna Pompermaier, Stefan Maier, Martin Romeo
19h30 > 20h45h: Anamníseis. Ursula Pfligersdorffer
20h45 > 22h00: Scrödinger’s cat. Cenk Guzelis, Mohsen Hazrati, Raisa Pimentel.


19h > 20h: Hieronymus Garden Of Digital Delight. Lukas Kochendörfer
20h > 21h: WONDERS. Moon Ribas, Felix Schoeller, Ferran Belda

SUNDAY 13th.

12h > 13h: QUINTESSENCE PRIZE. Direct streaming to LIVE channel Ars Electronica.
13h > 14h30: Golden Microcosmos. Agustina Palazzo, Raisa Pimentel,Anja Calas,
14h30 > 16h: Spectrum. Agustina Palazzo, Joan Nieto, Javier Cañal.
16h > 17h30: non.svr. Daniel Guillen.
17h30 > 20h:  All the projects.


Quintessence Dome Lab is an artist/ creative residence organized by ESPRONCEDA – Institute of Art & Culture, with the support of Institut Ramon Llull and Foro Cultural de Austria, and in collaboration with MIRA Festival, ./3studio Institute for Experimental Architecture,  Helsinki XR Center, MEET Digital Culture Center and University for the Creative Arts (UCA).
During four weeks a group of local and international artists/ creatives will work together to create innovative projects using advanced technologies like Fulldome projection (SMODE), VR, Sensors of movement, etc. To improve their abilities and inspire their creative productions they will participate in workshops managed by professionals in technology, storytelling and immersive empathy.
The projects selected by an international jury will be showcased in occasion of  IMMENSIVA Quintessence Prize, on 13th September, and streamed live to Ars Electronica Festival in the context of Solar Orchard Garden.



17 August. Arrival of the participants.

19 August. First workshop of Eyesberg Studio. Fulldome capsule.

21 and 22 August. Workshop about Storytelling by Marta Ordeig. Garage Stories.

25-27 August. Workshop in Dome technologies, by Eyesberg studio

31 August. VIP opening of Venice VR Expanded Satellite Barcelona. Espronceda.


4 September. Workshop by Be another Lab.

9 September. Opening Ars Electronica Barcelona Orchard Garden.

10 September. Amazonia. Opening of the exhibition: Curated tour by Alejandro Martín and the participating artists.

12 September.  SKNXSYNTH

12 September. The Glad Scientist and TribeXR

13 September. QUINTESSENCE Prize. Award ceremony/ curated visit to the winner installation/ panel discussion.