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International residence for a social and visionary Metaverse

Barcelona, 7th March to 7th April 2022.

We are looking for artistic and curious minds who wish to create a expanded Metaverse: merging social media, gameplay and entertainment.

A creative residence in Barcelona, ESPRONCEDA- Institute of Art & Culture, during 4 weeks to create projects and prototypes with inter-disciplinary teams using advanced technologies: XR, AI, scanners, sensors, holograms, 360 projection/sound and haptics.

Dead line 5th February




ESPRONCEDA – Institute of Art & Culture is a Barcelona-based artistic and cultural research and dissemination center. It has exhibition spaces, workshops areas and accommodation for residence.

IMMENSIVA is Espronceda’s platform to generate interdisciplinary projects: Art, Science, Technology and Society, and to spread contemporary creation that uses advanced technology.

NUBIA is Espronceda’s new project that will be a platform / door to the metaverse and generation of NFTs. The aim is to offer a unique experience to visitors and collectors in metaverses designed by guest artists and that are the framework for curated exhibitions of NFTs generated by NUBIA artists.


Objective of the residence

During a month period in Barcelona, ​​from March 7 to April 7, 2022, a group of 10 artists, creatives, coders and visionary minds (selected in the Open Call), will work in teams of 3 or 4 people to generate Metaverse projects (in the broadest sense) using advanced technologies: Expanded Reality, Artificial Intelligence, haptics, real-time scanners, projections and 360 sound, etc.

The projects and / or prototypes will be exhibited at the end of the residency, Open Day show, for one day to receive feedback from professionals: curators, directors of art centers and platforms, startups, etc.

The projects must be completely new, generated in the team and with the idea of ​​developing it after the residency.

Projects that reach the appropriate level could be invited to participate in subsequent exhibitions in Espronceda or in other centers associated with IMMENSIVA.


Selection process

Calls are open for candidates from around the world who have knowledge of advanced technologies, and who have an artistic, creative or technical background.

The Open call will be published on December 27th , 2021 and will remain open until February 5th 2022.

The finalist candidates will be selected by a professional jury made up of members of the different partners of IMMENSIVA / NUBIA residence 2022.

The finalists will be summoned to a final interview and it will be after this process that their participation is confirmed.


Evaluation criteria

Previous experience working in multidisciplinary teams.

Knowledge of expanded reality and artificial intelligence.

Having a scholarship for supporting for travel, production and fee expenses.


What does the residence include

Participants in IMMENSIVA / NUBIA residence 2022 will be accommodated free of charge in a single room in a shared apartment (bathroom, kitchen, living room). Participants will have access to four training workshops in advanced technologies and in conceptual creation of the Metaverse managed by professionals in the field.

Espronceda has a limited number of equipment: VR headsets, laptops, PCs, projectors, speakers, etc., that can be used during the residence. If the project required other special equipments/ software, teams will have to be financed through external grants.

The residency does not include travel cost, per diem , production cost or artist fees.



Residents have to publicize the residence from the first moment they are elected, during their work process and after it, using hashtags and logos provided by the organization.

Residents will sign a residence contract that includes a Smart contract in the blockchain where a copy of the project is transferred to ESPRONCEDA for later dissemination/explotation.

The teams must leave an executable copy of the project in Espronceda, for which it may require installation on a hardware of the software created, apart they must to deliver a memory with the description of the project and its technical rider for the perfect execution.

With the collaboration of:

 Fundació Antigues Caixes Catalanes/BBVA

International and national partners:

IMMENSIVA, Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture, MEET, OLEA, New Images, Artificia, Lumen Prize, Generalitat de Catalunya, Gobierno de España Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals, Ajuntament de Barcelona.