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The Consortium “Mindspaces” is a project that won the grant of the European Commission: STARTS/ Horizon2020 last summer.
The project will be launch in January 2019 and it will be developed through 3 years.

The partners in the Consortium are:

Centre for Research and Technology, Hellas, CERTH (GR), University of Maastricht (NL), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (ES), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR), McNeel Europe SL (ES), Up2Metric (GR), Nurogames (DE), Zaha Hadid Architects (UK), Maurice Benayoun (FR), Analog Native (DE), ESPRONCEDA, Institute of Art & Culture (ES), e-Seniors (FR), City de l’Hospitalet (ES), City of Hong Kong (HK).

STARTS lighthouse pilots will explore art-inspired solutions to industrial/societal challenges in two chosen areas. Pilots will engage industry, technology, end-users, and artists in a broad artistic exploration of technologies with the aim of creating novel products, processes, and services that respond better to human needs. The added value of artistic practices to realize unexpected solutions via artistic exploration must be clearly put forward in the two lighthouse pilots.

MindSpaces is a multidisciplinary effort, integrating the arts, neuroscience, architecture, 3D modeling, visual, text, EEG, physiological sensing analysis, AR/VR, and a wide range of end-users, from city dwellers to tourists, elderly living independently. Its aim, to improve the design of outdoor public spaces, indoors work and house interiors through participatory design that involves multisensory measurements of end-user responses will inherently integrate these multiple disciplines towards a common goal. The resulting artistic AR/VR installations, design tools, and methodologies will allow future developments within this ecosystem through their use.
MindSpaces aims at burgeoning the STARTS ecosystem by developing a novel paradigm of cooperation between artists, technology, research, industrial and user partners, and a common working model (SIO1), which will allow for the initiation of projects of similar nature under the evolving STARTS ecosystem.


AI4Future is a Creative Europe’s project which involves three different European countries: Italy, Spain and Netherlands. It aims at enhancing the understanding and dissemination of A.I. related technologies for the active and creative participation of young activists to the European cultural scene, allowing them to work with artists for a joint creation of a new urban community awareness. The A.I. approach allows the access and the interpretation of data to better understand both how these new technologies works and to discover new aspects of community societal mechanisms.

The new generations will have a fundamental role in this change as they are maturing and growing in the progress of the technological revolution. The main topic of collaboration between young activists and artists will be the “mobility”, considered in different meanings and different interpretations developed thanks to a dialogue between the partners. The meanings of mobility that emerged are: mental mobility, pandemic fatigue; social economical, and political mobility; virtual, interactive mobility, in which A.I. is not just a tool. Young activists, artists and policy makers will have the opportunity to deal with international meetings, workshops and artists residencies.