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IMMENSIVA, with Espronceda open their new Virtual Gallery in Mozilla Hubs in which they present two wide-ranging projects.

The main objective of this virtual gallery is to be able to continue organizing hybrid events in which people who do not have the opportunity to attend the physical gallery at Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture, can do so through the virtual gallery. Either with your smartphone, computer or virtual reality glasses. From IMMENSIVA we want everyone to have the same opportunity when it comes to attending our events.

The projects presented in Virtual Gallery in this openning are:


Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona: Being Corporeal.

This event consists of a selection of the best projects of the Immensiva 2021 Residence together with other invited projects of great impact. For more information on the projects, enter the following link.

Venice VR

A selection of the winning virtual reality projects in various international awards represented at the Venice Biennale. For more information on the projects, enter the following link.

This gallery allows, in turn, to generate networking environments for its users, since it complies with various chat and screen sharing systems, along with avatar customization. The main Engine with which it has been created is known as Spoke with which, thanks to Blender and other Softwares, it has been possible to develop this interactive platform.

Check the projects of the Virtual Gallery and more here: