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A project by:
Bettina Katja Lange
Joan Soler-Adillon
Uwe Brunner

Our houses are as many anthologies of stories and precious memories, as they are places of rest and comfort. Since these unprecedented weeks of isolation and home quarantine, our domestic spaces have been given high priority; they became indispensable places of safe refuge that we could hardly leave. Either alone or with those with whom we live, we engaged in new spatial relationships. We dedicated ourselves to new routines, needs, and activities, we found new niches and corners to come to rest, to rethink, to speculate, and contemplate.
This moment connects us everywhere and since we still can’t get together, we invite you to merge our places of seclusion.

As an immersive experience and interactive archive, The Smallest of Worlds unfolds a shared domestic landscape; an expanding, virtual diorama representing fragments of our everyday life in times of social distance and self-separation. It invites everyone to participate and to share their personal memories and subjective perspectives.

We were locked in our home for weeks. So, wherein your apartment did you retreat? Where did you find rest to contemplate? What went through your mind in those moments?

The Smallest of Worlds – A social Landscape of collected Privacy is an immersive archive and time capsule based on global participation with the aim of creating a collective memory composed of the most personal places and moments that have helped people to cope with the time of home quarantine and self-isolation.

Check out their website and become part of this immersive archive!

The project is created by Bettina Katja Lange, Joan Soler-Adillon, and Uwe Brunner. The Team met in Feb 2020 during the IMMENSIVA VR/AI Art in residency 2020. The program was organized by ESPRONCEDA – Institute of Art & Culture in Barcelona. During this residency, the artists were offered a fertile environment to cultivate new ideas and further collaborations.