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A project by:
Solimán López

OLEA is a unique olive oil, the result of development between different disciplines and coordinated by the artist Solimán López. In collaboration with the Twist Bioscience laboratory, which has been in charge of the DNA synthesis of the smart contract for the OLEA cryptocurrency (programmed by Blue Room Innovation) and which will later be encapsulated in silica to be incorporated into a limited series of 1,250 liters of olive oil that will be expanded with the new supplies of the currency in the coming months. In this last step, Solimán has had the support of Javier Forment, head of the Bioinformatics Service of the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plants IBMCP
(UPV Polytechnic University of València – CSIC Higher Council for Scientific Research). With this action the artist creates a new space for reflection and an approach of species, concepts, economies, societies and information flows that converge in a single fluid.


OLEA introduces a historical innovation in the world of contemporary art and the environment of cryptocurrencies and NFT’s (unique digital assets) incorporating the artistic factor to
a sector with a highly speculative character. Thanks to blockchain technology, we can now prove the ownership and authenticity of digital assets. In addition to facilitating traceability and transparency to the works of the creators. Historically related to deities, abundance, health, softness and liquid gold, oil is the perfect place to welcome other natures. Genetic alteration, its artificial construction and coexistence in hybrid spaces, configure a new ecosystem of ethical, religious, political and social thought that, thanks to this project, intends to link molecularly with techno-political structures, cryptography and decentralized models of thought and economy. .

OLEA is an oleic fluid in which the properties of this oil coexist together with the molecular synthesis of the code that gives life to a cryptocurrency in blockchain environments. This hybridization of spaces reveals a new place of understanding. A new future unexpected in the revolution of the species.

The project provides a conceptual look at a sector connected with science and latest digital storage systems based on the genetic code, transforming in a unique artistic piece that talks about one of the greatest revolutions in the History of Humanity: The Digital Age and Decentralized Economies. Through this new liquid element the artist develops, from a series of NFT’s (Unique Digital Assets), a series of sculptures, audiovisuals and installations revolving around olive oil.

The first stage begins with the launch of the first 250 NFT’s that will be able to be purchased as a pre-order through the Known Origin platform. With each NFT your possessor gets 1 OLEA + 1 OLEA GENESIS Sculpture. The serial piece OLEA GENESIS in physical format contains the oil that incorporates the DNA molecule, which is also identified in the blockchain through an NFT which makes it unique and unrepeatable. Let us remember that Solimán López consummated the first sale of an NFT in ARCO 2021 through the Baró Gallery for a price of 14,000 euros to the Foundation the Secret of Philanthropy. Solimán launches this first drop at a price of 3,000 euros per NFT-OLEA. These units will be expanded in November to coincide with the arrangement of the oil and the sculptures.


Solimán López is an artist, researcher, founder of the Harddiskmuseum and Director of Innovation at Superior School of Art and Technology. Considered as one of the great representatives of art Spanish digital in recent years.