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“Stargazer” is a hybrid deeply participatory installation, which consists of two complementary and connected parts: a globally accessible mysterious virtual reality world in Mozilla Hubs and a spherical projection site in Barcelona. It encourages attendees into spatial exploration and deep engagement, to traverse a border between a virtual and physical world and connect with someone on the other side: Ars Electronica visitors from around the world can meet and interact with local people in Barcelona by visiting the space in Mozilla Hubs and interacting with its elements, and vice versa, Barcelona locals can interact with an international audience by visiting the dome projection site and engaging with its elements.

Project by:
Kris Pilcher
Cenk Gunzelis
Josecarlos Florez
Mohsen Hazrati
Burkart Schwaighofer
Matthew Gantt

Curated by Santeri Suominen & Alejandro Martìn

STARGAZER Live Streaming Ars Electronica 2020