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We believe in the power of Art and its connection with science and technology. Innovation doesn’t just come from equations, mathematics or some scientific formula but it comes from a human place. Innovation in the sciences is always linked in some way, either directly or indirectly, to a human experience. And human experiences happen through engaging with the arts and creation – playing or listening music, discovering an art piece, taking a photography, ect. Art helps you see things in a less unnatural space. Our economy is built upon convergent thinkers, people that execute things, get them done. But artists and designers are divergent thinkers: they expand the horizon of possibilities, they are visionary. Superior innovation comes from bringing divergents (artists and designers) and convergents (science and engineering) together. All society needs to be involved in the process of (open) innovation.  Therefore we believe in the philosophy of the STARTS program, which tries to connect innovation at the core of Science, Technology and ARTS.. Art is a catalyst for innovative change in research, business, economy, politics and society.
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We are also interested in participation in suitable European Cooperations projects under Creative Media Europe. We have a widely experience in editing proposal and our main desire is to go beyond our geographical boundaries.